The average annual rainfall there is 11,516 millimeters (453 inches). Located at the very top of the South Island, Nelson is susceptible to strong storms charging off Tasman Bay. Theres good reason Auckland is New Zealands most populous city. Cyclone Gabrielle has caused widespread damage to the North Island and wild winds and rain lash the region. For the calendar month and calendar year totals, the data start at 0000 NZST. The region is known for its beautiful beaches and its warm climate. All rights reservedPrivacy Policy, Free phone within New Zealand: 0800 RING NIWA (0800 746 464) Contact details, Air quality monitoring with low-cost sensors, Science to respond to our changing climate: teaching climate adaptation, Rangi - weather and climate lessons for teachers, Using trigonometric functions to model climate, Weather plots: temperature and relative humidity. need to carry chains and take extra care on the roads. The West Coast of the South Island is the wettest area of New Zealand, whereas the area to the east of the mountains, just over 100 km away, is the driest. New Zealand Average Temperatures in January. Devonport is a beautiful, historic seaside town located on Aucklands North Shore. plants or animals introduced to an area that destroy or hinder indigenous species. That said, Maunganui Beach and the stunning coastline is the real reason to choose to live in Mount Maunganui. Be 'SunSmart' by using these three simple steps when you go outdoors: You can check NewZealand weather conditions on theMetService website. Mean annual temperatures range from 10C in the south to 16C in the north of New Zealand. It comes as Niwa's freshly-released 2020 summary showed New Zealand just saw its seventh warmest year on record - continuing a dire climate change trend that's put six of our last eight years among the hottest ever recorded. You also need to knowwhat seasonto visit to get the least amount of rain. Rainfall data used were 9am-9am 24-hour totals. As a result, it attracts a large number of overseas backpackers on a Working Holiday Visa who come to town for a year or two to work and socialise. The sunniest areas in New Zealand can be found in Nelson and Marlborough so at the top of the South Island. Dont let Napiers picture-perfect weather fool you, though. I lived in New Zealand for a year, living in Auckland. Rainfall tends to be relatively low in February,March, July, andAugust, so during some parts of summer, autumn, and winter. Blenheimseems to follow the weather patterns of theNorth Island, so the most rain falls in winter and spring. Given the variety of activities, Wanaka is also a popular place to live in New Zealand. Make the most of this great location by being able to have weekends skiing in the winter or beach days in the summer. Note:This article was accurate when it was published. Christchurch has less rainfall than the rest of New Zealands other major cities. Antarctica. Aprilbrings the least amount of rain toQueenstownandJunethe most. ForChristchurch, winter is the wettest season, and spring or summer is the best time to visit Christchurch to avoid a lot of rain. Conversely, cheaper options are available with stunning rooms available for under $300 per week. Its also one of the most affordable cities in New Zealand. 11 terms. As the main centre in the region, it has many major facilities, such as a covered stadium that attracts the likes of Elton John and Ed Sheeran. Join our Facebook group for travelers and connect with a global network of passionate explorers. Dunedin 6. The city was rebuilt in the 1930s following a devastating earthquake, and many of the buildings from this period have been carefully preserved. Summer would be the best season because youll then also experience thehighest temperatures. Video / Benjamin Plummer. As NewZealand observes Daylight Saving, daylight can last up until 9.30pm during summer months. Temperatures in winter average around 14C/58F and summer months average 24C/75F. Best for epic landscapes. Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch are some of the best places to live in New Zealand for expats. If you make a purchase using one of these Amazon links, I may receive compensation at no extra cost to you. Cyclone Gabrielle has caused widespread damage to the North Island, including severe flooding in the Coromandel region. The driest part of the North Island is the bottom half starting on a line south of Mount Taranaki and Tongariro National Park down toWellington, excluding parts where there are mountain ranges. Summer is boiling hot, which drives most people to Mission Beach to try and cool off. Queenstown 9. Actual data recorded at Reefton can be accessed for use in statistical analyses (see CliFlo). The ground isnt the only thing hot in Rotura either. Located on the east coast of the North Island, its so well known for its fabulous coastlines and laidback but full of life atmosphere, its been voted as New Zealands best beach. I'm on a mission to empower every young woman to stop waiting to move abroad. Most snow in New Zealand falls in the mountain areas. What is the best country to live in as an expat? Plus, opposite to the northern hemisphere, the more north you go, the warmer temperatures tend to be. One thing to keep in mind is that public transportation isnt as readily available in Devonport as it is in other parts of Auckland, so you may need to factor in the cost of a car when budgeting. . Hikers are always encouraged to have a location beacon and tell friends and families their plans, as its not uncommon to hear of hikers becoming stranded due to the weather. driving in areas of NewZealand that are prone to snow. The cost of living in New Zealand can be expensive, depending on your lifestyle. Were interested in how you are using this information and whether its useful let us know by emailing [emailprotected]. Many travelers take the Interislander Ferry from Wellington to Picton, at the top of the South Island, and drive west to the Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand's smallest national park. New Zealand climate extremes for 2018 Hottest: 38.7C, Alexandra, 30 JanColdest: -10.4C, Mt Cook, 3 JunWettest: 6818 mm, Milford SoundDriest: . The driest areas of New Zealand are parts of inland Otago and Canterbury. Summerwould be the best time to visit this region withFebruarybeing the best month to get the least amount of rain. Overall, Rotorua is a great place to live if you want to experience the true Kiwi lifestyle. If we do get reasonable rain over the next month, that will carry farmers through thats the biggest thing.. You can check NewZealand weather conditions on the. It depends picking a country to live in is hard. , and there is often spring skiing available at some ski fields too. Auckland is the best place to live in New Zealand for business positions. Best places to live in New Zealand for expats, cost of living on Waiheke Island is similar to the cost of living in Auckland. The climate of Christchurch is very temperate and can be compared to the south of the U.K, although with significantly less rainfall. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $1,800/month. Even in the middle of winter, temperatures rarely drop below 0 C (32 F), and in the summer, highs hang around the mid 20s C (mid 70s F) and occasionally reach into the 30s C (high 80s F). a group made up of sovereign states that remain associated with Great Britain. Yes, it is relatively easy to immigrate to New Zealand. One thing to keep in mind is that public transportation isnt as readily available in Rotorua as it is in other parts of New Zealand, so you may need to factor in the cost of a car when budgeting. Rainfall data used were near-instantaneous. Just remember to factor in the cost of living and the availability of work when choosing where to live. The area is home to some truly spectacular coastal scenery, deserted beaches, and lovely walking trails. Apartments are generally preferable to houses, and it is worth paying a bit extra for a newer place because many Wellington houses, particularly older ones have little/no insulation which is unpleasant in the cold winters. While typically a town doesnt want to be known for its foul smell, theres always an exception to the rule, and in this case, its Rotorua. I even include tips for prepping your family, and for how to handle family who arent supportive. Located far from both the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean with low lying and sheltered bare ground, the town heats up quickly and continues to warm throughout the day. There are also many artists who live on the island, which gives it a creative and eclectic feel. Some people might prefer a big city with all the excitement and culture that comes with it. Wanaka 5. Soil conditions along Wairarapas coast have been labelled extremely dry on the New Zealand Drought Index. Gisborne is a surfers paradise, with numerous spots for both beginners and advanced surfers. Gisborne has the best weather in New Zealand. Alexis_Hagedorn. The days are still quite warm early in the season (that means beach swims through March and well into April in some parts of the country) with cooler evenings, and there is beautiful scenery as the autumn colours spread through the countryside. After the large earthquake in 2011, Christchurch is still rebuilding in new and creative ways. However, you will experience torrential rain and very dark skies for a few weeks. New Zealand's Sandy Coasts Educational CD, NIWA and Kia Toipoto Closing Gender and Ethnic Pay Gaps, Climate change information for climate solvers, In numbers: New Zealands wild summer weather. Yet, Alexandras location in Central Otago (in the middle of the bottom half of the South Island) gives it the perfect recipe for hot summers. It very rarely snows in the coastal areas of the North Island, although they experience some heavy overnight frosts in winter. I actually use it as my primary bank now worldwide due to the multi-currency debit card. In winter, temperatures are still very pleasant, with an average low of 7.8 C (46.0 F). The annual Farmer's Santa Parade returned to central Auckland after a year off for the Pandemic and the rain wasn't enough to deter Christmas fans. My favourite way to work is remotely, so I always look for jobs on when I live abroad. #Climate data were sourced from the National Climate Database, CliFlo, with all data from mainland New Zealand stations included. New Zealand is not known for its low living costs, as all products must be imported by sea or air. Like many other regions of New Zealand, its best to be prepared for four seasons in one day. The biggest impact were noticing right now is the ability to shift store lambs. Others might prefer a smaller town where they can get to know their neighbors and feel more connected to their community. Worst impacted is coastal Wairarapa, and it may be dire straits for the farming community over summer, Castlepoint Station manager Jacques Reinhardt said. Auckland's population is indeed growing . There are many cafes and restaurants, as well as museums and art galleries. the plants and wildlife that make up a . The top of the North Island is also deemed the winterless north, and you can look forward to plenty of beach-worthy days even in the heart of winter. These cities offer a great lifestyle, plenty of work opportunities, and a vibrant nightlife. All rights reserved. Again this is good news for people who want to visit the beaches of Abel Tasman National Park or Golden Bay. Cycling is a big focus in the region with many cycle trails such as the Waikato River trail that runs 105km. In summer, the average high is between 77.9 F (25.5 C) and 73.2 F (22.9 C), and in winter, temperatures rarely drop below freezing. The region is one of the world's most extreme deserts, and includes many features . All rights reservedPrivacy Policy, Free phone within New Zealand: 0800 RING NIWA (0800 746 464) Contact details. Queenstown on the South Island is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and popular towns in New Zealand. The West Coast of the South Island is the wettest area of New Zealand, whereas the area to the east of the mountains, just over 100 km away, is the driest. Auckland has amazing weather. The National Climate Database, CliFlo, with all data from mainland New Zealand stations included. In towns like Queenstown, Tekapo, and Alexandra, it will snow in town a few times a year. If you are interested in knowing what the cloudiest place is in New Zealand, that would be the southernmost parts of the South Island so the area around Invercargill. Grab your lizard goggles and climb some rocks, spy some bugs and soak up the sun at one of the driest places in New Zealand. You dont need to know it before you leave home. This place is where the giant monolith Uluru, or Ayers Rock, can be found and also provides ninety-five percent of the world's opal supply. The cost of living in Christchurch is approximately 10% of Auckland, although rent tends to be higher than other costs balance this out. 13 Best Places to Live in New Zealand - At a Glance 1. 2009-07-06 23:54:37. Type of Work: Educators and hospital workers. After a 1931 earthquake that drastically changed the coastline, Napiers city center is now very near sea level. These are rarely severe but its best to be prepared with a basic emergency kit in the house. What are the best places to live in New Zealand for families? Two particularly lovely spots are Whale Bay and Matapouri Bay. To find cheap hotels, I Rotorua 8. Aspiring National Park. You will need to update your CV to match the Kiwi style! If you prefer peace and quiet, dont worry. There are also popular tourist spots like the Skytower, Mount Eden, surfing in Paihia, and drinking wine in Waiheke, nearby. From November through April, the average high is between 20 and 25 C (68 and 76 F), and with more beaches in the region than we could possibly name, you wont have to fight for your perfect spot on the golden sand. Overall, Hawkes Bay is a great place to live if you want to experience the true Kiwi lifestyle. What Does it Cost to Live in New Zealand in 2022? Note: New Zealand typically charges rent by week rather than by month. Locals like to joke that you can experience four seasons in one day! Photos / Hayden Woodward, Samoa Rugby League supporters took to the streets to support their team playing Australia in the World Cup final played in Manchester 19 November 2022, The New Zealand rugby Black Ferns celebrate their world cup triumph with fans in downtown Auckland. Especially, jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry are easy to find, since Wanaka is a popular tourist destination in New Zealand! As it gets drier, theyre going to have to consider more supplementary feed, or drying cows off earlier.. The city has a population of around 50,000 people, and the cost of living is relatively affordable. New Zealand is a remote landone of the last sizable territories suitable for habitation to be populated and settledand lies more than 1,000 miles (1,600 km) southeast of Australia, its nearest neighbour. Learn where you can go in New Zealand to get the least amount of rain and the most amount of sunshine, and when. Carrier said there was a chance of rain next week, but that it would be unlikely to alleviate the problem. Farmers are really watching that long-term outlook closely., Wairarapa Times-Age 2023 | Website by Web Publisher PRO. is the most popular time to visit NewZealand. Wairarapa is the driest place in New Zealand, with some parts bordering on drought conditions. One thing to keep in mind is that there are limited public transportation options on the island, so you may need to factor in the cost of a car when budgeting. If youre looking to teach English abroad, Premier TEFL has the best online course to get you great work! Just remember that the North Island is not a very good place to visit in winter or early spring due to the amount of rain that falls. The entire area of _____ is the driest and windiest place on the planet. New Zealand's national parks cover more than 30,000 square kilometres, full to the brim with beautiful, natural scenery ready to explore. Where is the coldest place in New Zealand? In summer, temperatures climb to the mid 20s C (mid 70s F) and occasionally reach above 30 C (mid 80s F). Yes, many regions of New Zealand see snow in the winter months of June through August. Canterbury (Christchurch) Bay of Plenty (Tauranga) Many are surprised that Auckland does not feature as the main destination for relocating New Zealanders. Antartica. Instead of June through August being the summer months, New Zealand enjoys summer in December through February. ), is a great solution. Snow rarely falls in the coastal areas of the North Island and west of the South Island, although the east and south of the South Island may experience some snow in winter. Its free to join, but some activities may cost money, like if you go to a cafe and get a coffee. It really depends where youre located and your type of lifestyle. I recommend Dunedin over Invercargill for a cheap lifestyle without being so cold or cut off from the rest of the country. Although its worth noting that snow rarely falls in the town itself. Autumn and spring UVI values can be high in most areas. Drought: New Zealand's driest areas. Ultimately, making the choice of where to move is going to be hard. Just be sure to have a raincoat on hand as moderate rainfall is experienced all year round. Nina Out and About contains affiliate links and is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. What are four sources of income that are provided by New Zealand's geography? On the other hand, with less than six rainy days per month in January and February, youre even more likely to experience plentiful hot and dry days. The town has a population of just over 5,000 people, making it one of the smaller places on this list. When I lived in Auckland, I had three roommates, and my rent was still just under $1,000 NZD because I was in the CBD. It only drops down to about 4C on the coldest days. One pro of living in Auckland is that you can save money on your commute by taking the public transportation system. The country of New Zealand is actually made up of an estimated 600 islands in the south-western Pacific Ocean. So catch aferry from Wellington to Pictonand then drive or fly to, for example, Nelson and then drive. So it is very hazardous to reach, especially when driving from Christchurch. Christchurch 4. In terms of employment, because Queenstown is a major tourist destination, most of the jobs here are in the tourism sector (think hotel and restaurant type jobs) and the pay is typically not much higher than minimum wage. Temperatures in NewZealand are generally mild, but the weather can vary a lot around the country and might change quickly as we are a relatively narrow island nation. P.H. The city is rich in geothermal activity, with stinky sulfur gas bubbling from mud pools and geysers. The Covid-19 lockdown of New Zealand started at 11:59pm 25 March 2020. If you are looking for the best places to live in New Zealand, here are 13 of the top contenders: Book cheap airline tickets and accommodations to save money when youre moving abroad! There are three main areas on the South Island that do not get a lot of rain: But just knowing what these locations are is not enough. Whatever you prefer, there is sure to be a place in New Zealand that is perfect for you. Its location in the northern portion of the North Island ensures the temperatures are mild to hot all year, and rainfall is spread right across all 12 months. Despite this, living in Queenstown is a truly wonderful experience with an abundance of awesome hikes, adrenaline sports like bungee jumping, skiing, and mountain biking on offer its no wonder this mountain town attracts so many expats. As a result of the significant reconstruction efforts ongoing, there are a large number of work opportunities in the construction sector. On July 3rd, 1995, a low of . Only you can answer this question! The highest amount of rain falls where there are mountains and in the top half of the North Island, which tends to get convective showers, thunderstorms, and remnants of tropical cyclones. In 2015, the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute granted funding to AUT to develop methods for operating unmanned aerial vehicles. Arable farmers were also concerned, Beetham said. Its a really helpful and cheap thing to ensure your online activities arent restricted. Gisborne 3. Cropp River in New Zealand may only be 9 kilometers in length, but it gets so huge precipitation annually. You will need to have a job offer from a New Zealand employer, and you will need to meet the immigration requirements. This is my favourite luggage set for long term travel. Reinhardt said if there wasnt decent rainfall by New Years Day, were going to have to make some more big moves. While traffic isnt insane like Auckland traffic, it does build up in the city when crossing the bridges. Over successive summer seasons . The mean annual rainfall in . Alexandra 3. Wairarapa is the driest place in New Zealand, with some parts bordering on drought conditions. Travelling in the shoulder seasons can be a good idea as youll often find more availability and better rates on accommodation and activities. are less crowded. Most snow in NewZealand falls in the mountainous areas, like the Central Plateau in the North Island, and the Southern Alps in the South Island. Finding work in New Zealand can be difficult, especially if youre not a citizen or resident. Highway 6 from the north from, for example, Nelson. Schultz/Brown University Napier is often referred to as the art deco capital of the world, and its easy to see why. However, finding a place to stay here will typically be a bit more pricey so staying further from the town would be a cheaper alternative. Photos / Andrew Cornaga, Photosport, Aucklanders are being warned to take shelter before a potentially damaging line of thunderstorms barrels over the city.
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