Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design Service

Our design and repro team is second to none, with a broad range of experience designing everything from one-off event flyers, to brochures and reports, all the way up to full branding/rebranding exercises. Our designers work closely with our print managers to ensure that we share the best hints and tips for keeping the process running smoothly. When you opt to get both your design and printing done with MiamiPrintOnline.com you can be sure that your artwork will be print-perfect, which means no unexpected delays. We use cutting edge design tools on all our projects: Adobe’s Indesign, Illustrator & the mighty Photoshop, running on a suite of top of the range Mac computers. By staying on top of the technology curve, and making sure that all our team-members are familiar with both current trends and new techniques, MiamiPrintOnline.com is confident that we can offer a graphic design service for EVERYONE.

Graphic Design Pricing

Everyone working on graphic design at MiamiPrintOnline.com has invested a huge amount of time and effort into honing their skills and perfecting their craft. We believe that our design team are the best that the market has to offer, and we price their time in line with market rates. At the same time, MiamiPrintOnline.com is all about offering the best value, right across the board, so we never charge more for a product or service than it’s actually worth. We keep an eye on our competitors’ prices and services so that we can say with perfect confidence that we’re the best value you’re going to find.

The standard hourly rate for graphic design by MiamiPrintOnline.com is very affordable. We also offer standard packages for our most popular services — contact us for more information on these offers. We can also offer special packages for frequent clients — so if you think you might need regular design services either email us at info@miamiprintonline.com or call us at 786-355-7156, and let us know what you’re looking for.

Part of the MiamiPrintOnline.com ethos is that our clients should be as well informed as we can make them, so we’ll guarantee all our graphic design quotes for 30 days. Once we’ve seen a brief and sent you a quote we promise that’s the price you’ll pay – with no hidden extras or nasty surprises.

What Can Good Graphic Design Do For Me?

It’s all about effectively communicating your message and making it stick in the mind of your target audience. For some, that means high visual impact, others need something that looks solid and stylish – a design that presents the message attractively, but doesn’t compete with it. Whatever the job, the MiamiPrintOnline.com philosophy is to research your business area and competitors, work out the key buttons that we need to push in the minds of your target market, and generate a unique selling point that will make you stand out from the crowd. Our designers keep in close contact with their clients throughout the graphic design process, ensuring that your needs are central to our working practice and that you end up with a design that you’re really happy with. We understand that the client is king, and we’re here as much to advise as we are to guide you on the road to a world class design. This uniquely collaborative approach is at the heart of MiamiPrintOnline.com’s graphic design service, and we believe it’s what makes us different from our competitors.

Full Creative Graphic Design Service

At the end of the day, you get the best results by using the right tool for the job. Obviously we’ve got access to all the right tools, because design is a large part of what we do with our time, but there’s more to it than that. Our graphic design service is a tool for our customers, with the sole purpose of communicating their message effectively and attractively. So it makes sense that the more you use us, the better the end result.

When you opt to put the design of your project in our hands you can stop sweating the details, we’ll handle everything – whether you want us to use your corporate color palette uniformly throughout a large project, or you have no idea what your corporate color palette might consist of, we’ll do the research into your company, your competitors, and your clients to make sure that you get a winning design.

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